Power Nucleus India (PNI) Pvt Ltd. Incorporated in Bangalore by the alumnus of “Indian Institute of Science (IISc. Bangalore)” and this team comes with >18+ years of Industrial experience in electronics/Power electronics systems/product design.
The Key Focus areas of the Power Nucleus team is in Energy/Renewable Energy/LED Lighting technologies with current focus in below product lines:
  1. EV Charging Infrastructure Products (E-Bike/E-Scooter/E-Bicycle Chargers, Charging Stations Products)
  2. LED Lighting Products (LED Drives, Smart LED Drivers for Smart Cities)
  3. Solar Power Generation Products (Solar Off-Grid/On-Grid Inverters, Solar MPPT Battery Chargers, Power Optimizers etc.)
These sectors/product lines were identified based on the Power Nucleus Team Interest/expertise/knowledge/skillset, current market demands and business opportunity size in present and in near future.
We at Power Nucleus (PNI) believe, that the renewable energy is going to represent the single largest source of electricity growth over the next decade. Harnessing clean, renewable energy sources and minimizing energy loses in the conversion process can help meet energy needs in a sustainable way.
Therefore, our aim is to contribute and create a safer, smarter and cleaner world by developing highly energy efficient, reliable and affordable power solutions to meet the energy industry demands. This is also about a step towards enabling everyone to have required energy access.
The various critical components/sub-modules, and power magnetics used in the design of Power Nucleus Product are developed in house to bring down over all product cost and PNI believe to pass on these benefits to the end customers.


Electric Vehicle


Power Nucleus has developed charger models that will charge your E-Bike quickly and reliably, and are available with2A, 3A, 4A 5A and 6A, charge current rating for various battery type such as Li-Ion and Lead Acid.

These high efficiency e-bike battery chargers are the optimized design and comes with over current, short circuit, under and over voltage protection which make them more reliable and robust. It is a perfect solution for charging your E-Bikes/E-scooter/E-Bicycle.



LED-based light sources are an excellent solution for today’s all lighting applications. These lighting needs high performance and reliable LED Drivers to meet the long lifetime requirement of the Lighting Systems.

NUCLEUS Series LED Drivers are the optimized design to meet the never ending needs of lighting manufacturers, Nucleus LED Driver is the solution for the lighting power needs of Industrial, Street, Highways, Parking area, Residential and Architectural lighting applications.

The high efficiency of Nucleus enables it to operate over wide temperature with natural convection heat transfer without Safety concerns.

Robust construction protects it against dust, moisture and destructive vibrations, the Nucleus Series is designed to deliver more than 50,000 hours of lifetime.



Power Nucleus team offer electronics product design services in the areas listed below

  • Power Magnetics Design
  • Various type of power converter including efficient resonant topologies such as PSFB, LLC and CLLC.
  • Multiphase including Bridgeless PFC.
  • Multiphase buck and Boost converters design
  • Digital power control
  • Model based design using matlab Simulink and embedded coder.


Dinesh Kumar

Technical Director

Dinesh is an alumnus of CEDT, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. He has been instrumental in conceptualizing the products at Power Nucleus. He brings in over 18 years of engineering and management experience from various organizations including Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, Honeywell and Texas Instruments.

In his professional experience he worked with various power conversion topologies, including LLC, Phase shifted converters, interleaved Buck and Boost converters, Advanced Inverter topologies, Bridge-less PFC and many more.

He has handled teams for product design through the life cycle of the product including architecture, design, prototyping, testing and certification. During his tenure at Texas Instruments, he worked with Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) to drive the Qi specifications for Wireless Power. Dinesh also has publications and patents to his credit.

Mrs. Ashu Singh


Ashu has been key member for the source of team motivation, company Incorporation, and bringing the seed investment and working capital couple of times to Power Nucleus, She keeps the PNI team’s momentum high to stay focus and motivated.

Mr. Alok Singh Rawat

Industrial Design Architect

Alok holds Master Degree in Industrial design from CPDM, Indian Institute of Science. He is responsible for the Industrial designs, Aesthetics design, thermal managements etc. of all the products built at Power Nucleus. Alok brings a unique expertise to Power Nucleus to strength the development team.

Advisory Committee

Dr. M.K. Gunasekharan

Dr. Gunasekaran obtained his PhD from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore (1985). He was a faculty at Centre for Design and Technology (CEDT) at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc) from 1985-2016. Through his teaching career, he has guided multiple students for their PhD and M.Tech. thesis. His areas of interest have been Instrumentation and Electromagnetic Compatibility. He has more than 30 publications to his credit in these areas. For his contribution, he was awarded teaching excellence award by IISc. He is also the recipient of National Research Development Corporation award from Govt. of India.

Dr. Gunasekararan has executed multiple consultancy projects for various industries. He has also conducted various trainings for academia as well as industries for Analog Electronics and Instrumentation. His video lectures at NPTEL are referred by aspiring electronics engineers.


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